Batumis Tskali was founded as a municipal organization in 2006 year. The company has own independent balance and operates with self-financing principles. Batumis Tskali is one of the best equipped companies in the region regarding the special mounting and technic through the Batumi city hall’s initiated project of Municipal Infrastructure Rehabilitation of Batumi. Modern technology and high qualified workers gives us opportunity to make water intake with established standards and serve it to Batumi’s population, governmental, industrial and commercial organizations. 


The operational work of company includes:

  • 650 Km length of water supply and sewer network utilization and timely eliminate of damage;
  • Chaqvi da Chaisubani water treatment plants exploitation;
  • Salibauri and Injalo reservoirs proper maintenance;
  •  Adlia wastewater treatment plant’s exploitation and monitoring of cleaned water dump into the sea;
  • 9 sewerage pumping station operation;
  • Costumer service providing and monitoring;

Batumis Tskali Company appreciates the importance of human capital and consistently supervise the staff to upgrade qualification. The company’s 385 teamed up people mainly ensures proper functioning of water supply and sewerage network in Batumi and its surrounding area for 24 hours.