წყალმომარაგების შეზღუდვა
"ბათუმის წყალის“ კონტრაქტორი კომპანია, დადიანის ქუჩაზე ახ...
წყალმომარაგების შეზღუდვა
„ბათუმის წყალის“ კონტრაქტორი კომპანია, დადიანის ქუჩაზე ...
21 მარტი - დაუნის სინდრომის მსოფლიო დღეს აღნიშნავს
გაერთიანებული ერების ორგანიიზაციის ეგიდით 2011 წლიდან, 21 მარტი დაუნის სინდრომის მსოფლიო საერთაშორისო დღედ აღნიშნება.   ...


Batumis Tskali underwent significant changes after the establishment as the municipal unit in 2006 year. The municipal infrastructure rehabilitation project’s task was not only to change water supply and wastewater system but the development of Batumis Tskali into customer oriented and business based utility.

The company has made significant steps for improvement of service quality:

  • Batumis Tsakli has created call center service for customers to make their relationship with company better and easier. Our call center number is (0422) 24 22 22;
  • The company’s duty staff helps 24/7 with any problems on water supply, sewerage network and storm network system. Adjarian region has its typical climate conditions which causes rainy weather. Batumi Tskali works in extraordinary circumstances during the abundant rainy days;
  • In order to improve awareness of customers, company created SMS service in 2016 year. Customers can get direct information about their payments, water restrictions and planned maintenance work via SMS;
  • Batumis Tskali simplified getting applications about water supply and sewerage system for new customers. People can get detailed information about registration deadlines and payments from the website;
  • Customers can pay from bank branches and pay boxes;