Clean and drinkable water intake distribution to costumers takes great effort for Batumis Tskali. The main water supply arteries are Chakvi and Chaisubani water treatment plants.

Chakvi water treatment plant is based on river chakvistskali. And Chaisubani water treatment plant is based on Korolistskali and Lecha rivers. Intaken water undergoes three stage of checkups, twice at treatment plant and last at reservoirs.

Injalo and Salibauri water reservoirs has been rehabilitated within the project of rehabilitation of municipal infrastructure in Batumi financed by the German Government and implemented through KFW Development Bank. Reservoirs are located underground and total volume of reservoirs is 20 thousand cubic meter.

The quality of water is tested by company’s laboratory on every step of process. New water supply pipelines are made by polyethylene.