Batumi City hall and Batumis Tskali started project - rehabilitation of municipal infrastructure in Batumi in 2007 year. Project is financed by the German Government and implemented through KFW Development Bank within the framework of German – Georgian Financial cooperation. Project is divided into phases.

Sewerage and water network system changed in old Batumi and Rustaveli administrative units in I and II phases. In III phase network system will be changed in khimshiashvili, Boni, Gorodoki and Tamari administrative units.

LTD Batumis Tskali operates 10 sewerage pumping station. 2 new pumping station will be built in so called Benze and Barcxana. Those stations collects all wastewater and pumps it to Adlia wastewater treatment plant.

Building of Adlia wastewater treatment plant started in 2010 and finished in 2012 year. KFW Development Bank financed project with 17 million Euros. Project is designed by Austrian company Posch and Partner.

Wastewater is cleaned with several mechanical and chemical stages at wastewater treatment plant. At primary mechanical cleaning stage wastewater is cleaned from sand, fat and residue. Silt is collected and stabilized. At biological cleaning stage ammonium transforms into nitrate and protein and hydrocarbons are reduced.  At secondary mechanical cleaning water let last silt down.

Clean water is pumped into the sea with 1 km pipeline. Laboratory of Adlia wastewater treatment plant controls the quality of cleaned water the European Union standards.