The Project Rehabilitation of municipal infrastructure in Batumi started in 2007 year. Project was initiated with a feasibility study analyzing the situation of water, wastewater and storm water system in Batumi.

Rehabilitation project is financed by the German Government and implemented through KFW Development bank with preferential loan. Nowadays total granted amount of money from KFW is 28 million euros and preferential loan is 89 million euros. Project has been financed from European Union’s Neighborhood Investment Facility with 9 million of Euros. 

Works done within the I and II phase of Rehabilitation of Municipal Infrastructure project:

  • Unit of Old Batumi’s sewerage and water supply system was rehabilitated.
  • 2 reservoirs, Bartskhana’s pumping station and Adlia wastewater treatment plants was built.
  • A and B pumping stations and Chaisubani water treatment plant was rehabilitated.

Currently within the III and IV phase of project works will be implemented:

  • Sewerage and water supply system will be changed in Bartskhana, Benze, Gorodoki, Mtsvane Kontskhi and Chakvi.
  • New reservoirs will be built in Chakvi and Makhinjauri.
  • New Pumping station of Bartskhana will be constracted.

With the help of rehabilitation project of municipal infrastructure in Batumi costumers get potable water with ordered metering system.

Adlia wastewater treatment plant ensures multiple recycle of water which does not damages health and environment.